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06 Июнь 2008 Prove Google Spies on us

If you came good-tutorials looking for the Mimic 'The Hills' Text tutorial, they haven't d the URL yet but it can be found here.

Okay, I don't seriously believe that Google spies on us, some people do though. This is just for fun, and will show you how to replace the image in a Google Earth screenshot with any image you choose, in only 4 steps.

02 Июнь 2008 Mimic 'The Hills' Text

Being able to mimic effects else is a great way to learn Adobe Photoshop. Here I will take you through the steps used to create the effect used on the popular American TV show, The Hills.

31 Май 2008 Out of Bounds Photo

This is going to be a rapid tutorial, good if you've only got 10 minutes to spare or you get bored easily. You will learn how to create an 'out of bounds' style which is a creative and impressive way to show of your photographs.

24 Май 2008 Creating a Broken Photo

Being able to create slightly abstract images your photographs is a useful skill to have. It requires a basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop but mainly just a great imagination. Here we will learn how to create a broken photo effect, an original effect which is simple to make.

24 Май 2008 Creating an iPod Scratch

Adobe Photoshop has become an industry standard product visualisation tool, used for creating 2D photorealistic images of just about anything. In this tutorial I will show you techniques used to achieve high quality results when using Photoshop in this way. Unlike most of my tutorials, I hold your hand and walkthrough each step, this one will act as more of a guide, teaching you the techniques and the reasoning behind these techniques. The tutorial will be based on creating an iPod Nano, starting nothing, with some previous knowledge of Photoshop, or having completed all my other tutorials, you should have more than enough skills to get a result like mine or better. These steps would be exactly the same as for other products of this nature like phones and cameras.

Before you start make sure you either have an Ipod Nano or a photograph of an Ipod Nano in front of you. For this tutorial it may also be helpful to download the PSD file to examine it more as I won't be going into every detail.

22 Май 2008 Transparent Bubble Text

Understanding the layer styles engine is a really useful skill to have as the uses for this are endless. Here I will explain how to use it effectively by creating a bubble style text effect which will not only be transparent but will also the color of anything behind it. FULLVIEW

For this tutorial I will be using a pattern I explain how to create in another tutorial, available here so follow it up to step 5 to create the pattern. However feel free to experiment with other patterns you have available.

21 Май 2008 Using Actions Creatively

Photoshop actions are commonly overlooked when creating designs and artwork, often left only for batch editing photographs. However this is about to , with a bit of imagination you can create very impressive abstract pieces, detailed images which beg for a closer look. Read on to discover how to transform one small image into a large, colorful piece of abstract art.

21 Май 2008 Glowing Header Tutorial

I thought a good way to start this site would be to give you an insight into how I made my header image, although the Image we will be creating will be more like the one above.


21 Май 2008 Create Wavy Strands

Being able to create and use brushes effectively is crucial in mastering Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial will cover some of the options available when using brushes and will also explain some useful photo manipulation techniques. FULLVIEW


20 Май 2008 Create Stencil Graffiti

Being able to use stock images effectively is an important part of learning Photoshop. This will guide you through the creation of a piece of virtual graffiti and in the process explore techniques which can be used for editing stock images in other ways. And yes virtual graffiti is legal, begging the question; if more people used Photoshop would there be less kids on the street? FULLVIEW


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