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02 Июнь 2008 21:42

Being able to mimic effects else is a great way to learn Adobe Photoshop. Here I will take you through the steps used to create the effect used on the popular American TV show, The Hills.


Start by copying this image then create new document in Photoshop, which should automatically size to the copied image. Paste the image into the document then go layer>new adjustment layer>levels and select the black eyeper, now click on the sky at the very top of the image then click OK. In the layers panel the opacity to 50%. This was a quick way to adjust our image and by using an adjustment layer we have not directly edited the image so it can be easily restored if needed.


Now we will add our text to the piece, the exact font used for the logo is Helvetica light, this font is available to buy online for a small price. However this may not be ideal to buy the font so using any sans serif font, for example; Arial narrow (bold) will also work with a few adjustments. Select the text tool (T), drag a textbox then type your text then go window>character to bring up the character editor. First highlight every character and the size to 270pt, next use the character spacing and adjust the spacing, use the image below as a guideline. Note that the pink lines were included as guides for this tutorial only. When working with single words especially in logos it is often necessary to adjust the character spacing to make text look more balanced.


Right click on the text layer then select blending options and add an outer glow and a color overlay using the settings shown below. Note that the color used for the color overlay is #FEFFEE.


Select white as the foreground color then select the ellipse shape tool (U). Create a new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N) below the text layer and draw a few circles like so, holding the Shift key. These will become the lens flare effect, Photoshop has a built in lens flare filter but this tends to look too generic so we will create a custom one.


First the opacity of this layer to 90%. Select the eraser tool (E) and the brush size to 320px, the hardness to 0% and the brush opacity to 30%. Erase parts of the circles until they resemble the image below.


Now under the opacity setting in the layers panel the fill opacity to 0%, this will the opacity of everything except the layer styles, meaning that the circles will disappear totally now. Right click on the layer and select the blending options; use the settings shown below. Note that the color used for the inner glow is #FFFFF4 and for the gradient overlay estimate the colors based on the image provided.


Create a new layer above the text layer and the opacity to 75%. Select the gradient tool (G) then choose the gradient named 'yellow, violet, orange, blue', it reverse and select radial as the type. Drag the gradient to achieve the effect shown below.


First the blending mode of the gradient layer to color. Now hold Ctrl and click on the text layer to select the pixels then go select>>expand and the value to 4px then go select>>feather and choose 2px, select the gradient layer again and go layer>layer mask>reveal selection. Using layer masks is, again, non-destructive to any of the layers we have created.


Create a new layer at the top of the stack. Select the brush tool (B) and choose a small soft brush and draw what will become glowing highlights until it roughly resembles the ones in the image below. Lastly the opacity of this layer to 50%.

STEP 10:

Open up the blending options for this layer and add an outer glow using the settings shown below. Note that the color used should be the default color when adding an outer glow.

STEP 11:

Now we will create those strange 45?° lines you see on The Hills. Select the line shape tool and use a weight of 4px, hold Shift and draw a line at 45?°, next select the eraser tool and using the same brush as before, blend out one end of the line. Either do this again on a different letter or duplicate the layer, move it then merge it.

STEP 12:

the opacity of this layer to 95% then open up the blending options and add ann outer glow using the same settings as below.

STEP 13:

Now we will create some sparkling dots. Start by creating three new layers at the top of the layer stack, each will hold a different color of dots. Now using the ellipse tool, hold the Shift key to draw four circles in one of the layers. Do the same with the other to layers, creating four or five in each.

STEP 14:

Select the bottom one of these three layers and the opacity to 75% and the fill opacity to 0%. Right click on this layer and select blending options, create an inner glow with the settings shown below then hit OK. Right click on this layer and copy layer style then right click and paste the layer style on both the other dots layers. Go into the blending options for these layers and the color used to a different one. Note that I used #FF4800, #FF00BA, #00FF66.


Now you should be left with an appealing looking text effect which closely resembles the logo from The Hills. Most of the effects were created using the blending options to add interesting layer styles to different elements of the image, proving that the layer styles engine is a very powerful tool when used in the right way. Using the techniques learnt from this tutorial, you should have a enough knowledge to start picking out logos and effects and mimicking them effectively in Adobe Photoshop.

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