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21 Май 2008 22:00

I thought a good way to start this site would be to give you an insight into how I made my header image, although the Image we will be creating will be more like the one above.



First we will be creating the background pattern so create a new document at 20x20px, then edit>preferences>grid then your settings to match the image below.


Make sure the following are ticked: view>extras, view>show>grid and view>snap. Next thing to do is to create a new layer(shift+ctrl+N) then select the foreground color box in the toolbar and it to a dark colour, I used #061016. Now using the line tool at 1px draw lines the same as the ones shown below.


Okay, this is the esiest step ever; select the paint bucket and fill in between the lines like so.


Fill the background layer in black, real black not just our very dark color. Now edit>define pattern and save your pattern. Your now free to close this document.


Create a new document at 1000x300px, then a new layer. In this layer we are going to stamp the pattern we just created so select the pattern stamp tool from the toolbar (it may well be behind the clone stamp). Next, in the main toolbar click on the pattern box down and select the pattern you just made. Along to the left a wee bit you can the brush, it to the largest brush (2500px) and hardnes to 100% then just click on the page and make sure the whole document is covered. It will also probably just look like black but we will this later.


Now creat a text box the full size of the page and with the text set at center justified, Type in what you want, obviously I typed in the name of my blog. I also went to window>character and edited the text slightly by changing the spacing and the sizes. Also remember to move it down so its in the center.


Right click on the text layer and click on blending options. We are going to add a shadow, an outer glow and a gradient overlay. The colours I used are list below and the images show the styles.

shadow: #ff0070

Outer glow: #299099

Gradient overlay: #b8b8b8 -> #aaeaff


Okay now we add a reflection in the ground. Start by duplicating the text layer then right click on the new layer and convert to smart object then right click again and rasterize layer. Make sure you are only doing this to the duplicated layer. Click ctrl+T and move the layer down below the original then edit>transform>flip vertical and try and get it looking like the image below. Lastly in the layers panel drag the reflaction layer below the original text layer.

STEP 10:

the reflection layer to 65% opacity then select the erasor tool and the brush to 200px with 0% hardness and in the main toolbar, an opacity of 40%. We want the reflection stronger at the top so use the eraser tool and drag back and forward a few times at the bottom of this layer until you are happy with the result and it looks a bit like mine.

STEP 11:

Now we will add a glowing line, feel free to add more than one of these because they look hot. Okay, new layer, select the brush tool and it to 2px 100% hardness and white. Next select the pen tool and draw a curved line making sure to hold and drag each point to ensure a smooth curve.

STEP 12:

Right click on the document and stroke the path with a brush, simulating pressure. Next thing is to right click on the text layer in the layers panel and click copy layer style, this will copy the blending options we applied to the text. Thats right you want to right click the line layer an paste the layer style. You may have to erase the ends of the line to blend it more, do this by rasterizing the layer in the same way as step 9 then using the eraser tool, rub the ends of the line. It should look something like below.

STEP 13:

You can see its starting to look quite cool, but over the next fem steps we will just be enahancing a bit. the glowing line layer to 50% opacity the create a new layer and hit D on your keyboard to set the foreground color to black and the background to white. In this new layer go filter>render>clouds and set the blending mode in the layers panel to overlay, adding a wee bit more depth to our image.

STEP 14:

Bored of creating new layers, too bad, we need another one. Now hiding behind the paint bucket click the gradient tool and in the main toolbar click the gradient to edit it, Select the second gradient and the first tag to a color of your choice, I used yellow.

STEP 15:

OK, then the tyoe to radial gradient in the main toolbar and click and drag to make a blurred circle of color, After you've done one chang the gradient to a different initial color and do the same, after you have done a few it should look similar to this. It looks horrible but we will that in the next step.

STEP 16:

Last step, the blending mode of this layer to color in the layer panel, and your done. Feel free to ask me about any of the steps if you have any problems. Also make sure you post your results to show them off an just experiment.

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