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Poster the Words

Poster  the Words

Would you like to make your own cool musical poster? Ok, now I will teach you how to do this.

Ok, let??™s start! Firstly we??™re going to create a new document in Photoshop sized 500?500 px, all the default settings. After making your new document, fill the background layer with black color.

Poster  the Words 01

After that select the Horizontal Type Tool and place any text on all background as on my picture below. Use the color of #431a1a for this text:

Poster  the Words 02

Now rotate the text 45 degrees CW using Edit > Transform >Rotate:

Poster  the Words 03

After that set up the following font presets:

Poster  the Words 04

Now we have something like this:

Poster  the Words 05

Ok, time to find some appropriate picture to place it on our canvas. You can find it using Google search or feel free to use my picture. Copy this picture onto your canvas over the text layer (please don??™t use images with small details or elements to make a good picture effect).

Poster  the Words 06

After that press Ctrl+J to copy the layer, then hide the copy (click on the eye, which indicates layer visibility) and go to lower layer. Select the lips area using the Polygonal Lasso Tool, then use Ctrl+Shift+I to invert selection and press to selected part of image.

Poster  the Words 07

Remove the selection with Ctrl+D, after that go back to the hidden copy of layer and make it visible again. Ok now make selection the text (Ctrl+right click the Layer Thumbnail in the Layers Palette) and press Ctrl+Shift+I to invert the selection, after that press to clear image in selection.

Poster  the Words 08

Deselect image with Ctrl+D, now we should have something like this:

Poster  the Words 09

Now I would like to add some text to our poster. Get out the Horizontal Type Tool (just the regular one) and write out something like ???DJ Music! Only best hits!??™ on two lines with the same presets as background text. Use white color for words.

Poster  the Words 10

Now rotate this text 45 degrees CW using Edit > Transform >Rotate. Also move it a little bit as on picture below:

Poster  the Words 11

We are done! I like this musical poster so much! Thanks for reading this tutorial everyone, I hope you enjoyed it!

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