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Prove Google Spies on us

If you came good-tutorials looking for the Mimic 'The Hills' Text tutorial, they haven't d the URL yet but it can be found here.

Okay, I don't seriously believe that Google spies on us, some people do though. This is just for fun, and will show you how to replace the image in a Google Earth screenshot with any image you choose, in only 4 steps.


First you need to get Google Earth, if you've got it then great, if not download it for free here:


Open Google Earth then zoom in on an ocean, I think I did the Pacific but it doesn't matter really. You want to zoom in so far that the whole image is the same shade of blue. Now hover the curser over the compass in the top right so it stays open while you take the screenshot. Hit the Print Scrn button, if you're using a mac I think it might be command+fn+shift+3, this will save the image to the clipboard.


Next open Photoshop and create a new document, this should automatically size to your screen image. Now hit Ctrl+V to paste the image in. Create a new group by going layer>new>group, make sure that the group is above the image we pasted in and leave it empty for the moment. Select the rectangular marquee tool (M) and draw a selection roughly around sea as shown in the image below, try and select a small bit of the border as I have done.


Okay, with the selection still active go select>color range then click on the sea in the image then the fuzziness to 150. Here we used the blue sea to select the the parts we don't want in the same way that a movie producer would use a green screen.


Now just go layer>layer mask>reveal selection, this means that whatever image you place in this folder, it will only show the parts you want it to. So try copying an image, I used this one, then paste it inside the group and you should end up an image like below.

With a bit imagination you could create some really cool, funny images or just play a prank on someone.

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