Photoshop Elements 3 Solutions

As the software has become easier for digital photography enthusiasts to use and more compelling for serious digital photographers who seek the finest results, so has this acclaimed guide.

In Photoshop Elements 3 Solutions, award-winning photographer and author Mikkel Aaland has extensively revised his best-seller to include all of version 3's smart new features plus many fresh techniques and examples. Whether working with digital images is a hobby or part of your livelihood, Aaland's practical solutions, stunning color images, and reader-friendly approach will guide you to a higher level of expertise.

Inside, Aaland shows you the ins and outs of Photoshop Elements 3 for Windows and the Macintosh, including:

  • Organizing and managing your digital images
  • Touching- up faces to make people glow
  • Enhancing product images so they stand out
  • Transforming outdoor and real-estate shots
  • Fusing photos into priceless panoramics
  • Combining images into realistic composites
  • Working with the Camera RAW format and advanced digital photo techniques
  • Optimizing photos for the Web, screen, and e-mail transmission
  • Creating PDF slide shows and professional-looking picture packages
  • And more...
Transform the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

With Photoshop Elements 3, Adobe has introduced substantial new features for digital photographersincluding RAW support, organizing tools, Healing Brushes, and much more.

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