Digital Character Design and Painting: The Photoshop CS Edition

The book provides a unique combination of ideas and techniques that teach both the fundamentals of character design and the skills of digital painting. It explores the key principles of design and teaches conventional artists how to enhance their traditional skills and transfer them to the Web, computer/video games, commercials, and film production work. Using a variety of tutorials and exercises, artists employ Photoshop CS to learn the techniques, methods, and artistic theory of digital painting. They explore how to create images that will be viewed in two dimensions, but actually look three-dimensional. And, they work through detailed projects on sketching, color theory, lighting, and texturing, along with specific techniques for trees and foliage, eyes, faces, hair, clothing, and fur. Using the practical ideas and techniques covered here, artists learn how to create and beautifully illustrate their own life-like or fantasy characters for games, movies, and other commercial productions.
Digital Character Design and Painting: The Photoshop® CS Edition, is a completely d version of this beautifully illustrated, full-color book. In the first edition, users learned digital skills using Corel® Painter? but in this edition, all the techniques have been d and modified for use with Photoshop CS.
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