25 Things to Make and Do in Adobe Photoshop Elements 4

You’ll learn to:

* Organize your images like a pro
* Improve photos: remove red-eye, adjust colors, and highlight the subject of your photo
* Merge multiple photos to make artistic compositions
* Construct your own Web galleries
* Put your own artwork on T-shirts, magnets, or tattoos
* Create custom party hats and banners
* Make original labels for both music CDs and photo archive disks
* Print wallet-sized photos to share with friends and family
* "Stitch" several images together to create a panorama
* Use the Creations Wizard to create custom slideshows with sound, calendars, and recipe books
Are your photos getting lost in the cyberspace of your hard drive? 25 Things to Make and Do in Photoshop Elements 4 shows you how to instantly arrange all your photos by date, event, place, or subject for easy viewing, and then turn them into real world projects! Adobe veteran Lisa Matthews teaches you how to fix up your images and walks you through the process of turning them into finished projects in record time!

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